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Welcome to Divinity Massage and Oasis Spa in San Antonio, TX!

Kelli A. McEwen believes she is placed on this earth to shine a light in darkened areas. Her ideal client is anyone seeking to enhance their overall state of being through the art of experience. She states, "We will first address the client's desired goals. Following that, we will sit in front of a mirror and say positive affirmations, if so be. Here, one can bond with the wonderfulness of self and experience the growth of self-love and the appreciation of all the amazingness they possess. After we analyze, we determine if their goals are still the same or if they've changed.  Let's bask in your beautiful, that's where the magic starts! I look forward to seeing you today!"


Kelli A. McEwen, LMT, MTI, LE, LNT

Award-Winning Massage Therapist | Registered Massage Therapy Instructor | Qigong Instructor Energy Practitioner | Esthetician | Nail Technician

Kelli A. McEwen has been working as a professional, licensed massage therapist since 2012. She graduated Valedictorian of  Ogle School of Skin, Hair, Nails after relocating to San Antonio to begain her new adventure by way of Tropical Storm Harvey. She believes each service should not be treated like a set protocol, but as an experience so unigue that she isn't even able to match it twice! She states, " Everyone is different and is looking for different results. If I treat every client, no matter their concerns, with the same cookie cutter treatment, it will be a waste of each of our time. Every experience is custom-tailored to fit my clients' needs." Kelli has worked on an array of clients from triathletes to children to the elderly to bodybuilders. She has much success with erasing away the pain that prevents clients from functioning normally throughout their day. She is the therapist you need to see!

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