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Corporate Chair Massage

We take the stress out of work.

Call (832) 384-8958 or Contact us through email to schedule your chair massage service today.

Corporate Chair Massage Fees

2-4 Therapists $165.00 per hour, per therapists (minimum of 2 hours) 
1 Therapist, Sacred A.  McEwen, LMT, MTI, LE 117150 $175.00 per hour (minimum of 2 hours) 
Fees include: Travel, set up, relaxing music and aromatherapy (upon request).

Sessions are typically from 10-30 minutes per chair massage, depending on the number of massages requested.

The company is invoiced based on the length of time the massage therapist is reserved for. The company has the option of adding a tip. Therapists will receive 100% of tip.

Session Length
It's recommended that each chair massage session last between 10 and 30 minutes. 5-minute sessions are available. However, it's usually not enough time for the client to experience the full benefits of the massage service. Sessions longer than 30 minutes are also available, but usually, indicate that there's much more work needing to be done. Longer sessions and best done on a massage table for the receiver to reap maximum benefits.

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